Who We Are

We are a network of organizations partnering together in an effort to support Arizona businesses in meeting their workforce needs by tapping into the labor pool of individuals with disabilities.

Our Mission

We exist to serve Arizona businesses to meet their inclusive workforce needs through a coordinated customer service oriented, “one-stop shop” strategy. We are the lead resource that supports businesses in connecting directly with qualified job candidates with disabilities. Also, we are the single, primary, go-to resource for businesses to get their questions answered about hiring and retaining workers with disabilities.

It is our desire that innovative Arizona businesses must no longer resort to silo oriented efforts to meet their inclusive workforce needs.

Our Services

We provide Arizona businesses with a primary person-to-person contact that will support them in accessing an individualized service package including a coordinated system to disseminate and post job announcements. Furthermore, the primary contact can facilitate Arizona businesses in accessing information and direct technical assistance pertaining to hiring and legal issues, reasonable accommodations and employee retention.

New resources will continue to be added as they are identified and/or created to expand the scope of our service package for Arizona businesses.

The network partners agree to employ shared guiding principles and protocols, in exchange for their participation, to ensure that support and information provided to Arizona businesses is of the highest quality and provided in the most efficient manner.



Deb Pryor
President and CEO
Partners in Brainstorms

Office: 602-321-6869