Employer Services and Programs

Untapped Arizona is the one-stop resource for employers seeking to improve performance with a diverse and disability-inclusive workplace. To assist businesses in recruiting and developing qualified individuals with disabilities, we partner with ARIZONA@WORK, a statewide workforce development network that hosts AZ Job Connection – www.AZJobConnection.gov – the largest free job-posting website in the state.  Thanks to this partnership, employers can access a wide range of services and programs for free, including:



Employee Development

Business Support

  • Candidate Matching and Pre-Screening – ARIZONA@WORK offers customized services in finding job candidates who match your key hiring criteria and conducting initial evaluations to identify experience levels and skill sets.
  • Skills Assessment – A variety of tools are used to assess everything from basic reading and skills to computer proficiency.
  • Job Postings – You also have direct access to the state’s largest workforce database, www.AZJobConnection.gov, with thousands of job seekers and job listings.
  • Hiring Events – Opportunities to connect with available, interested, and skilled applicants.
  • Customized Training and Skills Upgrading – Connect to training programs needed by your employees to improve and expand skills.
  • Job-Specific Skills Training – Find customized training for employees who require additional job skills.
  • On-the-Job Training – Programs that provide OJT as well as partially subsidize the employee’s salary.
  • Apprenticeships – Private and public sector sponsors operate registered apprenticeship programs and cover training costs and wages.
  • Arizona Job Training Program – Grant program that helps fund your costs for customized training when it is associated with creating new jobs. 
  • Peer Connections – Untapped Arizona can identify organizations similar to yours in industry sector and size of company, so you can share disability inclusion strategies and best practices with your peers.
  • Labor Market Insight – Make sense of the changing labor landscape with data that bring the economic and occupational picture of your industry sector and market area into focus.
  • Tax Credits and Incentives – Learn about tax credits and other incentives available to Arizona employers that hire or provide specialized training and services for individuals in specific target groups that typically experience barriers to employment – such as individuals with disabilities.