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Tap into the Labor Pool

People with disabilities represent the single largest minority group seeking employment in today's marketplace. The unemployment rate of people with disabilities is ten times greater than the national unemployment rate, yet many of them have the skills that meet workforce needs. Further, according to the U.S. Department of Education, workers with disabilities are consistently rated as average or above average in performance, quality and quantity of work, flexibility, and attendance.

Benefits of an Inclusive Workforce

EarnWorks, a service of the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy, has developed The Business Case: Talent to Drive Your Business’ Success. The Business Case showcases the following six areas of benefit to employers who are inclusive in their hiring process:

Diversity — Expand Your Disability Dividend

Human Capital — Mine the Wealth of Your Human Capital

Innovation — Diverse Issues, Innovative Solutions

Marketing — Access New Marketing Opportunities

Return on Investment — Improve Your Bottom Line

Social Responsibility — Do the Right Thing... Do the Smart Thing... Do the Profitable Thing


We provide Arizona businesses with a primary person-to-person contact that will support them in accessing an individualized service package including a coordinated system to disseminate and post job announcements. One phone call to One person and we will disseminate the job lead announcement to our network of job candidates with disabilities.

A notice of the job posting is disseminated to our network partners that have direct access to job seekers with disabilities

The partners have developed internal processes and protocols to manage the dissemination of job leads to qualified candidates with disabilities



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