Recruiting and Hiring

More than 10% of working-age Arizona residents have a disability, but only 35% of those individuals are currently working. These figures mean that a vast number of qualified potential employees are not being actively recruited or hired. To tap into this group and recruit the most qualified candidates, you will want to ensure that your recruitment and hiring processes are accessible to all candidates, including those with disabilities.

Finding qualified candidates with disabilities need not be difficult. Partnering with specialized organizations such as Untapped Arizona and participating in events such as job fairs have been successful strategies. Offering internships for students and young professionals with disabilities is also an excellent way to find talented people – and potential future employees.

Review your employment application and interview processes to be sure they are accessible and that they don’t create any barriers for qualified candidates with disabilities (e.g., provide multiple application formats; ensure accessibility of interview location). Accessibility doesn’t stop at the interview; providing a supportive workplace during on-boarding is critical to retaining qualified employees. Here are some strategies for recruiting and hiring qualified employees with disabilities, as well as resources for more information.